Philosophy & Goals

Our Philosophy

It is the goal of Tiny Treasures to provide a secure, nurturing environment where each child is respected and loved for his/her individual worth. Each child will be treated with love and respect. 

We will provide an atmosphere in which children can grow physically, socially, mentally and emotionally.

At Tiny Treasures Child Development Center, we believe that play is the best work of the child. Children learn best when they are allowed to touch, manipulate, explore and make discoveries. We also believe that as children interact with developmentally appropriate toys and activities, they begin building a foundation upon which successful lifetime learning can be achieved.



To provide for the physical growth and development of children by providing a safe environment in which to experience gross motor skill and fine motor skill building, while caring for and helping children become proficient at caring for their day to day physical needs.

To provide for the intellectual growth and development of children by providing stimulating activities and experiences that will promote a love for learning.

To provide for the emotional growth and development of children by providing a loving and nurturing environment.